Santa Marta Italian Amaretto Liqueur 500ml

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Add a 500ml bottle of Italian Amaretto Liqueur to our Sours Gift Box to enjoy immediately authentic Amaretto Sour Cocktails!

Amaretto is an almond-flavoured Italian liqueur. The name amaretto comes from Italian which means " slightly bitter", in references to the distinctive flavour of the almond used in its recipe. It is soft on the palate with a sweet almost marzipan like flavour.

Santa Marta Amaretto is made of 100% natural ingredients: an infusion of apricot, cherry and bitter almond stones, toasted cocoa beans, vanilla pods, orange peel and orange blossom. After a short fermentation this infusion is distilled and mixed with natural sugar juice and alcohol.

Amaretto can be drunk by itself, added to coffee or used as an ingredient to create fabulous Amaretto Sours Cocktails.