Tropical Stitch Up Cocktail Gift Box

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Our Tropical Stitch Up Gift Box is the perfect gift for the someone who loves days by the beach and nights making memories with friends.

The Stitch Up cocktail is like a refreshing hit of summer, best enjoyed in boardshorts or bikinis under an umbrella with sandy toes. A Pineapple and Mandarin Sour that tastes as much like summer as it looks in eye-popping blue.
It works best with White Rum or your favourite white spirit like Vodka, Gin or Malibu.

Select from our beautifully package Gift Box version which can be shipped anywhere in Australia OR for local deliveries, you can choose our Gift Basket version that will be personally delivered by one of us... we will even SING Happy Birthday upon request!

What's Included?

Mr. Consistent Stitch Up Cocktail Mix

Mr. Consistent Espresso Martini Cocktail Mix

A Pineapple and Mandarin Sour that tastes as much like summer as it looks in eye popping blue. 

Mr. Consistent cocktail mixers are made using the freshest ingredients. Each is handmade with love on the Gold Coast.

Simply add your favourite Vodka, White Rum, Malibu or Tequila for a fully loaded version OR a dash of lemonade for a refreshing mocktail.
Each bottle contains 10 serves.


Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker 750ml 

The Mr. Consistent Stitch Up Cocktail MUST be shaken, not stirred! Give it your BEST shake to create the perfect, frothy top. 

To do so, our gift box includes a three-piece, stainless steel cocktail shaker set. 

Tiki Pineapple Cocktails Glass

Tiki Pineapple Cocktail Glass Cooler 500ml -

Add a touch of Polynesian panache with this Tiki glass.
Paying homage to Tiki pioneer Trader Vic’s original coupe design is the very fun Pineapple Cooler, perfect for tropical cocktails.



Tropical Paper Napkins

Tropical Paper Napkins 20Pk

Soak up the ring marks left by flowing tikis of tropical cocktails with these perfectly coordinated napkins.

Tropical Tweet Brass Bottle Opener
Tropical Toucan Brass Bottle Opener

Long after the cocktails are finished and the headaches are gone, this beautiful brass bottle opener will still be around as a keepsake of the night that was!

A true statement piece, this is a stylish addition to any bar setup or home decor.


Milk Chocolate Blueberries

Amy Sargeantson Milk Chocolate Blueberries

Perfectly matched for the ultimate tropical combination.

These beautiful, tart, dried blueberries are freshly coated in 40% cacao milk chocolate. 

Amy's chocolates are made fresh in her Brisbane Chocolate Factory with the best and freshest ingredients.

Customise Your Gift

Want to add the perfect liquor to make it an instant party or an extra glass to make it a Party for Two?
Check out our Add On Options to customise your gift delivery!